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Courageous Living Fearless Dying

Break free from Fear and design your perfect life. 


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                                                   Graceful                    Conscious                    Transition
Create Your Legacy. Courageously navigate and embrace the complexities of living and dance to the rhythm of your soul. Play out your greatest performance from this moment forward and be sure that you are ready for your final act under any circumstance.  
Design Your Graceful Exit. Relieve the burden for your family in their time of sorrow . By pre-planning all the practical aspects of your death your loved ones can celebrate the beauty of you in your final hours.
Raise Your Vibration. Happiness vibrates at a very high level. Sadness, agitation and fear all vibrate at a very low level. Raising your vibration will help you walk in the world calmer, happier and easier. Maintaining a healthy vibration and frequency keeps us aligned and ready to cross that rainbow bridge at anytime.
Befriend Death. Many of us fear and hide from death . But death chooses all of us, regardless of any attempts to out run it. Make friends with death. Feel what it will be like when your body leaves this physical plane. Maria will take you on spirit flight and give you a taste of infinity. Bathing your luminous energy field is an energetic experience that will ease your mind, give you a sense of peace, and reduce your fears around death now and when the time comes.
Release, Transmute & Purify.  Clear pains, disappointments and regrets in this lifetime that may still be haunting you. Transmute heavy energies from your field so that you don’t carry them with you. Find forgiveness and peace for many unfinished situations while releasing those parts of your soul into freedom.
Sacred Vigil.   Maria will sit with you in your final days and ensure clear passage for your soul. There is a beautiful silence that goes beyond words during this time. Cleaning and clearing the energetic body during transition creates an island of tranquility and is key to a passage with ease and grace.
Ultimate Liberation. The Great Death Rite will be performed when the physical body ceases to breathe. This rite of passage is performed to help the soul leave the body and find its way to the light. A tradition in many cultures worldwide, this technical rite is a new beginning for the soul, a rebirth and a return to where it came from, home.
After the End.   Find balance between remembrance and closure. Ongoing life and our response to it can make or break us. Stay alive within yourself. Turn sadness, horror and anger over death into creation and forward movement.

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