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Courageous Living Fearless Dying

Break free from Fear and design your perfect life. 


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From pre-planning to moving beyond grief, no matter where you are on your path, Maria is here to walk beside you on your journey.  

Programs include but are not limited to the following:


Live Now Program - Do you live life to the fullest or are you grinding your way through the day?  Are you a planner or do you wait for the last minute to complete a project? No matter which path you walk, you will leave a trail. Leave a trail that is easy for your loved ones to follow, not one that will have them guessing which way to turn. Pre-planning your end-of-life wishes will relieve your loved ones of unnecessary burden upon your departure. Be prepared now for we cannot know when, where or how our final day will arrive.


Break Free Program - Terminal diagnosis that you didn't see coming? In an instant your world has been turned upside down and you're not sure where to turn.  Break free from your limiting beliefs and live with wild abandon. Lets walk down this path to a place of acceptance, peace and serenity, knowing you are complete in your journey and can take a bow to a standing ovation.


Ultimate Liberation Program -  Is Death knocking on your door? Afraid to answer? He'll let himself in whether you want him to or not so let's make it easy for you and welcome Death in with ease and grace. Be the master of this situation. Decide how it will unfold and walk across Rainbow Bridge without fear but with peace, serenity and Angels by your side.


Unknown Territory Program - Faced with a new beginning after the loss of a loved one? Wondering how you will go on or what your future holds? Ease your fears and uncertainties and step boldly onto your new path with confidence and courage, ready to face all challenges with love and acceptance. Turn grief and loss into strength and understanding as you become whole again.


Individual Sessions - Not ready to commit to a full program? Try on an individual session for a quick energetic upgrade and explore what's right for you. Let's chat to explore alternative options now.

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