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I love the scientific merge with the mystic, ancient traditional ways of existence, living, healing and dying complete. Through these ways I can help you step into your highest vibration and light so that you can sail through every situation with ease.

Let's connect and discover ways to shine your light.

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From a young age, Maria Muir has always danced to her own beat, outside the box. In her teenage years, Maria played with crystals and earth gems, unbeknownst to her that they were waiting patiently to take their true role through her practice and service to others.

Over the decades, while pursuing a mainstream career, Maria's soul cried for more purpose. A successful 30-year career in the film industry left her feeling lost and unfulfilled, longing for more life.  Her soul opened the door to pursuing healing arts and spiritual development.

Native American teachings and plant medicines were the first participants in Maria's healing arts training and self-development. A sharp turn in Maria's private life created a pivot towards fully encompassing the healing arts and evolved into her mission to share knowledge and energy healing with others.  


Maria offers Vibrational Energy Medicine both in person and remotely. Excited that science is now supporting ancient healing methods, Maria integrates cutting edge technology with ancient wisdom.  Her extensive grass roots knowledge and intuition create an unprecedented alchemy of vibrational energy healing experiences to meet your unique expression, leading to healing on all levels of being.

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