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What I do.

Fusing ancient healing modalities with modern science and technology, I will help you shine light in those dark corners, freeing you from limitations, allowing your true essence to shine brightly.  Simple tools and techniques that create an alchemy of vital energy are implemented that can lead to healing on all levels of being.

Why I do it.

I love to meet people wherever they are on their path and walk beside them, showing them how to shine their brightest and true light.


I find joy in bearing witness to others’ discovery of self and guiding their path to healing, assisting them to clear pieces that may be holding them back or getting in their way of truly living.


Creating a sacred space where people feel safe to be themselves allows an exploration of all the possibilities life has to offer.

“The body is like a symphony. When injury or disease sets in, the natural resonance of each cell is disturbed. We must find the “pitch pipe” to bring the cells back into harmony. The cells and tissues must be revitalized and regenerated to vibrate at their optimum state. We must match the healthy frequency and the vibratory pulse.”   


~Dr. Peter Guy Manners

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How it Works.

Connect with Maria for a free discovery call. Together you will uncover the beneficial and detrimental objects and energies that are infulencing your life. We will put an easy to follow plan into place that will help you raise your vibration, strenghten your physical and energetic bodies and all you do to live as your best, most vibrant self.

Case Study

Sunny entered my office for a community sound healing ceremony one winter evening. I hadn't seen her in months after our first session together. She winced as she sat down. I asked her if she was ok. "Sciatica." she replied. I mentioned I just had someone on the Crystal Bed that had sciatic relief after only one session and Sunny booked an appointment for the next day. That was the beginning.  5 sessions later, this is Sunny's  current state.


"My soul, my life and my health are in a far better place than I could ever image due to the wisdom and the help of Maria Muir….I have had four back surgeries and was diagnosed with another extreme herniation on L4 & L5 that was sitting on my sciatic nerve. This was causing me extreme pain and left me unable to ski, hike, bike or even make a full lap through the grocery store. The doctor said it was time for a double spinal fusion which is a very severe surgery with a year of recovery. Scared and frustrated I agreed but decided I would spend the three months leading up to my surgery trying every alternative option. I came to see Maria  and Max first, and was committed to working on inner traumas that were rearing their ugly head through my back. I could talk forever but the net net is that I didn’t have to have the surgery and today I am completely pain free and doing all the things I love. Like anything, you have to put in the work but if you are willing, this work will change your life and your future for the better. I am forever grateful to Maria for her dedication to help, heal and work through anything with anyone. She has the brightest soul and is truly a benevolent being of light in my life."

Sunny Mills 2019

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