Let's work together.

No matter where you are on your path, I will meet you there.

Choose your path from the programs below and we will customize a package that fits you perfectly.


My mission is to guide people seeking access to a higher level of being.  I help people turn up their inner light and raise their vibration, creating a better environment and vision for self-healing and a life full of zest, luster and vitality.


Curious Seeker

Just on the road to discovery and looking for some guidance?


Together we will uncover and identify any detrimental energies affecting your life and put a strategic plan into place to give you the skills and ability to protect yourself from further intrusion.  You will set sail in the right direction to uncover your best self and wake up each day excited to navigate the world.

Awakened Adventurer

Ready to go deeper into discovery of self and purpose?


Together we will create a customized program of Energy Tools and Practices to find and support your mission during this lifetime. Moving beyond common practices, we will find the perfect level of awakening your soul desires, allowing you to dance down your true path and incorporate a new level of being into your daily life.


Fearless Explorer

Willing to allow limitless expansion and exploration of all that is?


Let’s journey fearlessly together to discover what sets you apart and how you can harness your insights and free yourself to soar to your highest level of awakened consciousness. 


Not sure where to begin? Let's connect and discover where you are and where you want to go. Together.

Let's talk about it.

Bring your spark to the fire

Join our community of light and stay informed of local and international offerings and gatherings to keep the fire burning for yourself and the world.

Maria Muir is not a licensed Medical Doctor. She does not diagnose nor treat any illness, nor can respond to any questions regarding medical diagnosis or treatment. Always follow the advice of a health care professional you trust.


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