Are you ready to feel your best and shine your brightest?


Say YES if you are:

     • Done feeling lack luster, lost, or just not your best self.

     • Feel like something is missing or could be better.

     • Ready to feel vibrant and full of life.

     • Not getting the results you want with Western Medicine.

     • Ready to face any challenge head on.


You are in the right place at the right time to discover your inner light, feel your best and shine your brightest.


I can help you shine light on YOUR path to vibrant health & brilliance.

Maria Muir


Lighting your path to brilliance.

If you wish to understand the universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration.
                                   ~Nikola Tesla
Where Are You On YOUR Life's Path?

Life can be challenging. Full of joy yet sometimes stressful. Like a roller coaster. Too much stress can lead to disease.

How do you enjoy the ride, keeping the joy abundant and the stress low?

Discover ways to make life's challenges easier to handle, be your best self and 

vibrate at your highest frequency so that you can heal on all levels, body, mind and spirit.

Curious Seeker

       Just beginning your path of discovery?

       Chronic illness or pain wearing you down?

       Feeling like something is missing?

       Not sure where to turn or what to do next?

Awakened Adventurer

Want to deepen your current practice?

Feel like there’s more you could be doing to stay       focused and brilliant every day?

Curious about what else is available to enhance       your higher consciousness?

Fearless Explorer

Ready to take your connection to the next level?

Willing to journey to unfamiliar places?

Excited by the thought of the unknown?

Ready to face the dark and what is hiding there?


"Maria meets you where you are (which she sees clearly), and then opens the invitation of the Universe to guide you to your own next "becoming" - or towards your growth, expansion, new knowings and new ways of being."

~Maryanne Whitcomb


Bring your spark to the fire

Join our community of light and stay informed of local and international offerings and gatherings to keep the fire burning for yourself and the world.

Maria Muir is not a licensed Medical Doctor. She does not diagnose nor treat any illness, nor can respond to any questions regarding medical diagnosis or treatment. Always follow the advice of a health care professional you trust.


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